Moulding Knives
By Mirror Reflections
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Superior Quality Moulder Knives Templates & Tooling
Since 1997

Mirror Reflections is a moulding knife design and manufacturing company that produces some of the finest quality molding knives, profile templates and CAD (computer-aided design) drawings in the woodworking industry. We are a reliable resource for superior quality cutters for the moulder or shaper and acrylic templates for profile knife grinders. We offer various grades of high speed steel & carbide, many grits of rough and finish grinding wheels for your personal style of grinding, plus all the tool room supplies you need and more. Try our exclusive “Template Ready” DXF (drawing exchange format) patterns for cutting acrylic templates on your CNC (computer numerical control) machinery, this is an enormous time saving component of the services we provide.

In the upper right-hand corner on this page you will find our innovative profile catalog with over 15,000 full-scale wood molding designs. Our state-of-the-art catalog enables you to browse a wide selection of profiles quickly and efficiently by preferred sizes. Whether you are an architect, contractor, designer, homeowner, manufacturer, or just want to build a custom catalog for your own business, our complete library is readily available. Browse our moulding catalog, we are confident you will find something unique, stylish and compelling for your next woodworking project.

All our profiles are designed on CAD by a former Weinig moulder service technician with over thirty years of experience in profile knife grinding, machine operations, cabinet making, architectural woodworking and home construction.

We manufacture all our custom profile knives on the most modern machinery available ensuring the closest knife tolerances obtainable within the woodworking industry. Typically, most orders for acrylic templates and high-speed steel or carbide molding blades have a twenty-four-hour turnaround time.

We look forward to assisting your company in manufacturing some of the most beautiful wood patterns available in the industry today!