Acrylic Templates for Producing Moulding Knives


Computer Aided Design (CAD) Moulding Template Video

Mirror Reflections designs and manufactures all our molding profile templates out of three- sixteenths thickness cast acrylic, our template material offers longer wear properties than most extruded plastics in the industry. We incorporate an industry standard ten millimeter or point three nine four inches axial-constant starting point on all our template designs; please inform us if you desire a specific constant dimension preference. Here is some more information on axial constant calibrations of the moulder cutter heads and profile knife grinder for your convenience.

Every custom profile template we design and manufacture has a price of $40.00 each, however if you provide us the name or identification number listed from our vast online moulding profile catalog the cost is reduced to just $35.00 with no revisions, if you would like a revision on one of our existing patterns, it is not a problem at all, the price would revert back to $40.00. If you decide to permit us to produce the knives from the pattern, then the cost is $35.00 per template. For further information on pricing, review our online price list. If we can be of further assistance with anything, please contact us, we would be glad to help you.

Moulding Templates made from Cast Acrylic