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15,000 Wood Moulding Designs

Based on many years of experience, we have developed the most intuitive, compelling and interactive full scale-moulding catalog in the woodworking industry. We encourage you to watch the brief video on this page, it will help you utilize the profile catalog to its fullest potential.

  • In the moulding selector above, simply choose a category in the dropdown box you would like to view, such as base, case, chair rail, crown, etc.
  • Next, input a size range in the selector that would interest you in the boxes marked “Decimal Minimum” & “Decimal Maximum.” Example: 1.500 in the minimal box and 3.000 in the maximum box will yield a search result of anything within those parameters, you directly input the size range of what you want to view. Note: if you want to look for just one specific size range, just place the same dimensions in both boxes, this will save time, we have many options for you to consider.
  • When you have found a profile of interest simply click “full scale view & description”, it will adjust itself to full size.
  • Print the full-scale illustration by clicking the print option below the image. Note: Make sure your printer setting is at 100% scale, not “shrink to fit page”, you can easily check the results by using a ruler on the printed image.
  • There is an option to receive price quotes for profile knives under each detailed description, a brief explanation on how to use the calculator is located here.

All moulding patterns are “Template Ready” with a built-in industry standard of 10mm axial constant (identical starting point on every profile knife). Each moulding design is available for purchase in dxf format, just contact us for the dxf file and we will email it to you within minutes. Please allow us to demonstrate the accuracy and quality of a few of our patterns, download all our free DXF files located on this page.

Blueprint with Stylish Mouldings Architectural Wood Mouldings Base, Case, Crown, Tongue and Groove Mouldings