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Grades of High-speed Steel for Manufacturing Molding Knives

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Mirror Reflections manufactures all our high-speed steel and carbide profile knives on a Weinig Rondamat 960 profile grinder , it is our opinion that this model machine is superior to all other manual profile grinders available in the industry today. This time-tested profile grinder has superior accuracy and is a favorite among some of the most prestigious milling shops around the world. There are several custom options on our R960 knife grinder that allows us to manufacturer cutters with superior results, these options along with our disciplined approach, make's our machine the “Technician's Choice” amongst professionals. Our most widely used high-speed knife steel is sixty-degree corrugated, with one-sixteenth- inch between each corrugation and a five-sixteenths thickness dimension. Our two-piece, three eighths thickness European style carbide has a one-quarter-inch thickness backer plate and a one-eighth-inch thick solid carbide piece that interlocks with one another using micro corrugations. Our V2+rw Williams and Hussey or Shop Fox high-speed steel retains a one quarter-inch thickness measurement, it is non-corrugated steel with one inch on center holes for securing the knives to the cutter head on the machinery.

Which quality of knife steel should you use?

Mirror Reflections uses some of the highest quality high-speed knife steels and carbide available in the industry. We offer three different grades of steel to choose from, V2+RW, Black Nitride, Endurance and a European style carbide for profile knives with some inlay carbide for straight planer knives. The choice of options and grades are summarized below.

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