Moulding DXF Files


CAD-DXF, Moulding Profiles –Moulder friendly, precise, easy to use, and quick to download! Mirror Reflections now offers the largest state of the art database of “Template Ready” moulding DXF (Drawing Exchange Format) files available today. Whether you have a CNC template making machine or you merely want to build a custom moulding profile catalog for your moulding business, our entire dxf library will be enormously beneficial to you.

Try these free downloadable DXF files listed below, all DXF files exported to our library are in AutoCAD 2000, so rest assured they would be fast and easy to download and use. Every DXF file we draft has a proven clear cut tool path so you won’t lose any time fixing design issues. Still have questions about our experience? Review our about us page and feel confident in knowing that we have over 30 years of experience, every one of these CAD file was designed by an expert in moulding design and machinery.

10 Great Features our Moulding Profiles Provide

Below are ten great features that complement our moulding approval sign off sheets. Move your mouse cursor over the circled numbers for an explanation of all these detailed features.

  • 11. Axial Constant Line - The constant starting point of a moulding profile, industry standard is 10mm or .394". All of our moulding template designs have a 10mm axial already built in.
  • 22. Reference Points – These easy to read reference points help you obtain a complete understanding of the milling position on the moulder machine, for further explanation read our article on aligning moulding knives in the cutter head.
  • 33. Names - Your company name and the name of the moulding profile engraved in the template just in case you lose the paperwork.
  • 44. Full scale, 3-D, Color Drawings with no dimensions to get in the way of your viewing, with size and name of profile for easy reference.
  • 55. Cut Steel or Carbide Size - This is a Mirror Reflections Trademark, the cut steel size or carbide size is on every moulding design. It is crucial to have the correct size of steel or carbide in stock prior to production, for more information read our article cut steel size for moulding knife blanks.
  • 66. Dimensions -Height, width, depth of cut, and every important dimension you desire, special notes and safety concerns on more complicated designs.
  • 77. Axial Settings - Generic moulding knives such as radius, rabbets, bevels, and profiles that you can use for hundreds of mouldings. All axial numbers are supplied saving you setup time and product waste, read our article on axial calibration.
  • 88. Prices – We offer a variety of the superior quality high-speed steel or carbide at reasonable prices, just circle your request upon approval.
  • 99. Hook Angles – we offer a few different hook angles to grind you moulding knives in; please refer to our article on cutter head hook angles.
  • 1010. Shipping - Six fast and reliable ways for you to choose from, just circle the way that works best for your needs, if you forget to circle one, our default shipping is UPS ground, all products are insured for their full value.

When you search for designs in our moulding profile catalog, you will see a link below each image, which upon clicking will add that DXF file to your shopping cart. Upon completing the checkout process, you will receive an email notifying you that you can download the dxf cad file to your computer from your online account. Upon downloading a DXF file, you will be “template ready” for your CNC machine, high quality template designs, fast!

With moulding dxf files available online, Mirror Reflections has again offered our best technology to improve your quality, increase production, and reduce your lead-time with high precision moulder-friendly patterns.