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chrome coated 72rc face, best seller, great tool life
Black Nitride
black nitride case hardened 72rc, medium size runs
chrome and diamond coated, longest tool life

Welcome to the Mirror Reflections Inc. custom profile knife calculator. We have created a mathematical equation to provide fast accurate quotes of what it would cost to manufacture a set of two knives in corrugated 5/16" thick high-speed steel.

The calculator is designed for estimating a set of two blades for a single cutter head position, some designs may require more than one cutter head to mill the profile, you must calculate a new price for each set of knives needed to mill the detail.

Here is a brief explanation of how to use the calculator.

  • Insert a width dimension in the box above if the profile is milled from the top or bottom horizontal cutter head.
  • If moulding is milled from either a left or right vertical cutter head, enter a thickness dimension in the box above.
  • Insert the depth of cut for the profile, this is how deep the knife is cutting into the wood, (examples below).
  • The plastic is automatically added to the total cost for a set of two knives. A summary of all our quality steel is located here.

Euro style carbide knife cost can be viewed on our current pricelist. If you need further assistance in pricing guidelines for high-speed steel or carbide, please feel free to contact us.

Similar businesses may challenge our pricing structure, it is our experience, unparalleled quality and customer service that sets us apart.

DOC = Depth of Cut

Milled from top or bottom, input width dimensions.

Milled from sides, input thickness dimensions.

Depth of Cut Crown Moulding Profile
Depth of Cut Casing Moulding Profile
Depth of Cut Edge Moulding Profile
Depth of Cut Casing Tongue and Groove Profile
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