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Referrals & Testimonials
Matt Jones
Operations manager, Shavano Woodworking – Colorado

I don’t think I have ever had a better experience than dealing with Russ @ Mirror Reflections! If you need to know anything about moldings, grinding knives, or your molder, he is the guy to ask. Very pleased with his service and knowledge!

Allen Allred
President, Allred Precision Millwork Inc. – Idaho

Mirror Reflections is our source for the highest quality custom templates, profile knives and tooling for our moulding and millwork business. Russ at Mirror Reflections is one of the most skilled and experienced in his field. His years of experience operating and installing woodworking equipment have given him a greater understanding of the needs of clients such as our self. We look forward to collaborating with Russ on all of our projects.

Curt Stowell
Owner, DC Mill & Moulding – Utah

We have made many transactions with Mirror-Reflections for over seven years. As a manager and owner of a molding business, we have purchased over four hundred moulding templates from Russ. We have always been very pleased with the service, quality and knowledge that we receive. No one else can compete with the complete package of choice, quality and experience that Mirror-Reflections offer. Russ' attention to detail and vast knowledge of the industry means that he can provide us with a product that saves us time and headaches. Moulding run set-ups are faster and require less wood, that alone more than makes up for any money we may have saved using a cheaper template service. For us, there simply is NO BETTER VALUE than Mirror-Reflections for quality, selection, service and technical expertise.

Greg Beebe
Owner, Big Sky Moulding – Idaho

The best quality moulding knives and service around. Russ knows the moulding industry inside and out, his experience is very helpful to me. I can get moulding knives ordered and shipped fast, knowing they are exactly what I ordered. From new patterns to matching existing profiles, they are perfect every time!

David Tripp
Owner, Precision Millwork – Washington

We only trust our moulding knife manufacturing to Russ @ Mirror Reflections. Not only are they extremely accurate and precise at their trade, Russ has been very generous in sharing his knowledge of the millwork industry, which shows in his quality profile knife grinding and moulding steel standards. They are a valued team member in designing the knife correctly the first time for hold down, yield, and overall quality.

Todd Palmer
Owner, Watson Mills and Design LLC - Colorado

Russ has been providing my company with moulder templates and moulder knife grinding services for few years. We find the quality and cost of his services exceptional. We have the equipment and personnel to grind in-house and most often choose to have Russ to this work for us. He has vast experience in moulders and tooling. In addition to his core business, he has been willing to share his expertise on specialty tooling and trouble shooting for our machine. I would recommend him and his company to anyone needing these services.

Kurt Quade
Regional Sales Manager Weinig, USA – North Carolina

Russ always has perfection as his goal. He has an eye for detail and is very customer oriented.

Eric Allen
Owner, Global Tooling - Oregon

Russ has the highest integrity of any person I know in our industry. Russ tells it like it is, even if it costs him an order. His judgment and problem solving is spot on. He always puts Customer safety first and reviews every detail to make sure the job is done right the first time. Russ sets the bar high and his dedication to excellence is un-equaled when you need profile knife-grinding services.

Kellie Schroeder
CEO, International Moulding & Millwork Producers Association - California

Russ makes flawless pattern drawings and is highly knowledgeable.

Bob Comer
President, CNC Technology Inc. - North Carolina

Russ is the consummate professional, providing an excellent product at a very good price. Behind the product is years of knowledge and experience. He is a go-to guy in the woodworking industry - providing a fair an unbiased opinion.

Paul Hobbs
Service Technician and Consultant, Hobbs Woodworking Machinery Service – North Carolina

Russ was a very skilled Service Engineer when he worked for me at Michael Weinig. One of his great strengths was in customer service and precision work while performing his duties, He has great vision in profile and tooling layout and his quality of work is second to none. Russ also performs good skills in explaining to customers over the phone how any profile is best run on their machines. I recommend Russ to all my customers that do not have their own grinder.

Wayne Bailey
Owner, Creek Side Manufacturing - Utah

Russ has been grinding moulding knives for us for about ten years now. His attention to detail is incredible! When I send a custom-molding knife to Russ I can trust that he will do a great job, and do it quickly!!

Shane Roth
Partner, Heartland Millwork – Iowa

I would highly recommend Russ as a moulding knife grinder man and tooling sales representative. He has a lot of experience and is very willing to help you be successful. I have used Russ since I started using moulding knives back in 2008. He has helped me in more ways than I can repay him back. He can help with any question you have and make you a better operator at the same time. One of the most valuable resources in this industry I have ever met while offering a great price!!!

Jeff Putnam
President, Jeff Putnam Enterprises – North Carolina

Russ is a very honest and standup person. He is also one of the smartest and leading persons in the template and knife grinding industry bar none. He is very helpful and is quick to give information to anyone. If you need templates or custom-moulding knives for any type of moulding operation he should be your first point of contact.

David Cope
Service Engineer, Stiles Machinery - Michigan

I have worked with Russ and for Russ over the past 18 years. Russ is and has been an outstanding person, works hard and makes sure whatever he is doing is done right. I would put Russ at the top of GETTER-DONE list.

David Miller
Owner, G. Thorndike Inc. - California

Russ was one of the most knowledgeable moulder techs at Weinig. He now makes the best templates and knives in the moulder industry.

Wayne Beebe
Field Service Coordinator, Michael Weinig Inc. – North Carolina

Russ is a dedicated professional. He has always been customer oriented. Russ goes the extra mile when he is working with customers and colleagues. I highly recommend Russ and his custom-moulding knife grinding services to anyone who desires quality in both product and service.

Cody Black
Lead Moulder Technician/Certified Pharmacy Technician - Utah

Russ is a highly knowledgeable moulding knife specialist. He is second to none when it comes to moulding production in all of its capacities. He is there for his clients and will do whatever he can to get his clients the best bang for their buck, even when he doesn't profit from it. The best in the business!!!

Scott Douglas
Owner, SRD Consulting - Oregon

Russ has made moulding profile templates and custom molding knives for several of my customers. I have never had an issue with his work; it's always of the highest quality.

Glen Stensrud
Owner, Stensrud Cabinet Company - Montana

Russ is very knowledgeable & professional about moulders &molding knives. He is a pleasure to work with.

Trent Wood
Owner/Freelance Cabinet Design, Wood Art - Oklahoma

Everything that I have bought from Russ has been exceptional!! The quality of his moulding templates is second to none and Russ is great at explaining why things need to be done a certain way. I highly recommend Russ, he knows his moulders.

Christine Adams Baldwin
Buckeye Hardwood & Lumber - Montana

Russ---thanks so much for all the wonderful service you have given us throughout the years! Sometimes it just needs to be said. ☺ Thanks!

Rob Roy
Owner/Ameridor Manufacturing - Colorado

Russ does a great job for us. I recommend him highly for all of your moulder tooling needs