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Automatic Tooling System (ATS)

Moulding ATS Stand

In this article I want to explain how properly check and make sure your ATS (Automatic Tooling System) measuring stand is calibrated and working correctly.

The ATS radial measuring stand is a vital part of your moulder machine setup operation. A lot of folks out there have these and don’t use them. They simply return to the old, slow, inaccurate, ways of setting up the moulder machine instead of doing a mathematical set up which is so much faster.

You must be able to tell if the reading you’re taking from your radial measuring stand is correct. You can simply do this by calibrating the measuring stand against itself. The measuring stand consist of the same size diameter spindle shaft as you have on your moulder machinery, a digital measuring caliper, an eccentric washer, and a bolt which holds the eccentric washer in place. There is also a spindle spacer at the very bottom of the shaft to allow you to get your fingers under the cutter head for installation and removal of the cutter head.

Ok, since a lot of you have 1-1/2” spindles, let’s use this size shaft as the example on how to calibrate the measuring stand.

  • Zero the measuring caliper to the outside of the spindle shaft.
  • Move the measuring caliper to the eccentric washer in the middle of the shaft, it should now read .750”, if it doesn’t read .750” loosen the bolt that holds the eccentric washer in place, adjust the eccentric washer till it reads .750”, then zero the measuring caliper again at the eccentric washer.
  • Now measure to the outside of your spindle shaft it should read .750”, congratulations your measuring stand is now calibrated.
  • Here are some key calibration numbers for different sizes of spindle shafts.
  • .906” for 1-13/16 spindle shafts
  • 1.062”for 2-1/8” spindle shafts
  • Always remember to check the calibration of the stand against itself before you take a measurement, you all know people mess with things that they shouldn’t be messing with.

If you need a measuring stand look under “Tooling & Supplies” tab either catalog has them.

PS. Always have a spare battery on hand, just in case. ☺

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