Balance Scale for Moulding Knives

by Russ Rego
Balance Scale for Moulding Knives

In this article I thought we would talk a bit about balancing scales for all your moulding knives and how important it is to keep moulding knives balanced for your moulder. To be able to produce the best possible moulding finish (twenty to twenty five knife marks per inch) it starts with basic moulding knife weight balance. Your company’s reputation for producing premium quality mouldings is on the line here so please realize this is very important information.

For every gram you’re out of balance between moulding knives, you put twenty two pounds of egg shape pressure on your spindle bearings every time it makes one revolution. Most industrial moulding machines operate at spindles speeds between six thousand and twelve thousand revolutions per minute, it’s like banging your bearings with a hammer. My point is you will eventually ruin your moulder spindle bearings and distort your tooling’s bore of the cutter heads. By the time you notice you have a finish problems (inconsistent knife marks) it’s too late to do anything except have costly repairs on the moulder spindles to correct the issues.

Every moulding knife that Mirror Reflections manufactures is consistently balanced within 1/10 of a gram. You should also balance your cutter head screws, gib’s, and any other critical items in your tool room. A good balance scale is an inexpensive insurance plan for your spindle bearings; it’s not uncommon for one spindle bearing to cost hundreds of dollars and some spindle assemblies have up to four bearings on one spindle shaft, most moulding machines have at least five or six spindle assemblies on the moulder. Keep in mind also that if the spindle bearings are not able to be replaced because they are out of tolerance then you will have to purchase a whole new shaft with new bearings costing your company thousands of dollars. I hope you’re starting to add up the cost and realize the point I am trying to make here.

If you’re looking into buying a good balance scale, look for one that’s digital, it’s easier to read and takes less time to balance your moulding knives over the triple beam type. Balance scales will cost you between $250.00 and $375.00 depending on brand name and the max weight they can measure. In general the higher the weight range it can measure the higher the cost, look for a scale that capable of measuring between 1800 and 2000 grams, not many moulding knives will go over that weight unless maybe you have a twelve inch moulding machine. I prefer the Ohaus scale, the Navigator or the Scout; they are very accurate and very easy to use. We have scales available in both our tooling catalogs under the Tooling and Supplies” tab, contact us if we can help.

One word of caution, these scales seem to do vanishing acts all on their own, lock it up every night, or take the risk of your local drug dealer finding better ways to put your scale to use.

Have a great day and be safe out there!