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Shiplap Siding 4-3/4" - 3

Shiplap Siding 4-3/4" - 3

Shiplap Siding 4-3/4" - 3

This shiplap siding 4-3/4" - 3 measures 4.750" wide by .500" thickness, requiring a 5" wide blank of four-quarter lumber for milling on an industrial molder. The lapped profile contains a 3/4" wide fillet at a 1/4" thickness on the top left; one-quarter-inch of the line is hidden under the rabbet in front of it when installed. The short line connects to an upsloping angled line measuring 13/16" wide, merged with a 3-1/16" flat line on the top of the design. When two pieces of milled lumber get joined, they create a 4-1/2" face coverage dimension with a decorative 1-5/16" wide channel between the merged boards.

You will be able to manufacture high-speed steel or carbide molding knives literally within minutes after downloading this beautiful pattern from the purchase DXF file link below. Take a moment to glance at our updated tooling and supplies catalog high-quality products we supply for your molder and knife grinding room. We offer competitive pricing and fast shipping options.

For knife quoting purposes, click to open the calculator below; we supplied only the important measurements. Enter the appropriate dimension in the boxes provided. A brief detailed explanation of how to use the calculator is located here. If you would like some assistance with the dimensions, print a copy of our fraction - decimal - millimeter chart, place it on the machinery around the shop to help operators save time and increase accuracy during setup procedures.

Width = 4.750" / Depth of Cut = .250" (top knives).

Thickness = .500" / Depth of Cut = .250" (left cutters).

Note: If you’re experiencing trouble printing to Full Scale, Go to File, Print Preview. Change the “Shrink to Fit” option to 100%

To purchase this CAD generated, “template ready moulding dxf file” , please send $11.00 to PayPal.Me/MirrorReflections we will email you the precision drawing shortly after the payment is received.
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