Aligning Moulding Knives in Cutter Head

by Russ Rego

Below is some information on how to properly cut & align your moulding knives for axial constant positioning in a moulding cutter head with gib screw tightening recommendations.

  1. Cut moulder knife steel to even measurements with your chop saw. Let them cool down at room temperature, dipping them in cold water could cause fracture of the steel that you will not even notice.
  2. On bench grinder, grind off burn marks left over from chop saw and break edges so the knife steel sits properly in the moulder cutter head. Now weigh the moulding knives to exact weight of each other on your good balance scale. Clean cutter head and corrugations in preparation for moulding knife insertion. An old toothbrush works well for this.
  3. Now place the moulding cutter head lying horizontally on the workbench, corrugations parallel with your chest and gib screws pointing away from you. Keep in mind that rights and top cutter heads reference to the very end of the cutter head right side, and lefts and bottom cutter heads reference to the very end of the cutter head left side. Moulding Cutter Head Reference Points
  4. It is not necessary that the ends of the knife be perfectly square. When aligning the knives in a cutter head, always align the bottom ¼” corner of the knife flush with the edge of the cutter heads reference side. You will never grind this reference point away because you would be out of the safety zone; therefore, this practice keeps the knife reference point a constant. Remember the knives should never be more than ¼” above the bottom of the knife pocket, this keeps the knives fully locked in by the entire gib for safety purposes. Moulding Knife (cut out of square)" title="Moulding Knife (cut out of square)
  5. Tighten all gib screws equally; tightened with standard gib screw wrench supplied by the manufacturer, start from center and tighten in both directions. Although torque wrench is not necessary, it will give you the exact torque needed. All screws should be tightened equally to the following recommended by the manufacturer. I use Weinig moulder cutter heads so I will use their recommendations.
    • M10 gib screws - 25 Nm or 18 Ft. lbs.
    • M12 gib screws - 30 Nm or 22 Ft. lbs.

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