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Picture Frame 1-3/8"

Picture Frame 1-3/8"

Picture Frame 1-3/8"

This custom picture frame/backband 1-3/8" measures 1.375" wide by 1.750" tall, permitting the detail to be machined out of six or eight-quarter lumber. The fancy profile is composed of a 5/16" wide half circle with a 3/64" eased edge on the top left, attached to a 1/16" round-over that transitions into a 17/32" wide congee derived from a 13/64" cove in the center, joined to a 9/32" half round bead and two cascading quarter circles with a 1/16" wide line positioned above the 1/4" wide by 1" high rabbet for the artwork on the right, the left side retains a 1/2" wide scalloped edge flanked by 9/16" tall vertical line segments.

Ever wonder why certain species of lumber have tear-out problems during the milling process? Find out more on how to reduce and eliminate tear issues by changing the cutter head hook angle on the knives. Purchasing 12/20 duel angle cutter heads will save a substantial amount of money when investing in this style of moulder tooling.

For knife quoting purposes click to open the calculator below, we have added only the important measurements, just enter the appropriate dimension in the boxes provided. A brief detailed explanation on how to use the calculator is located here. Need some assistance with the dimensions? Print a copy of our fraction - decimal - millimeter chart, place it on the molder to help operators save time and increase accuracy during machine setup.

Width = 1.375" / Depth of Cut = .525" (top knives.)

Thickness = 1.750" / Depth of Cut = .147" (right blades) & .250" (left cutters.)

Note: If you’re experiencing trouble printing to Full Scale, Go to File, Print Preview. Change the “Shrink to Fit” option to 100%

To purchase this CAD generated, “template ready moulding dxf file” , please send $11.00 to PayPal.Me/MirrorReflections we will email you the precision drawing shortly after the payment is received.
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